8 Things That Will Happen to You at SXSW

1. You’ll wait in line just because there’s a line.

2. You’ll RSVP to 10 events that all happen at the same time.

3. You’ll think free drinks are the best thing in the world. Until you realize there’s still a week and a half left of South By.

4. While having the best time of your life, you’ll still experience FOMO.

5. Free branded stuff will seem like pure gold. Until the festival ends.

6. You’ll be bummed about reality after trying out VR.
6_1 6_2

7. Kanye will always be playing somewhere. But you’ll never see him.
7_1 7_2

8. You swear you’ll skip SXSW next year.
8_1 8_2


Here at Y&R Austin, we’re looking forward to all of this and more at SXSW 2017. See you in line!