A Winning Strategy

InspirationInnovation and Initiative. Those are the three I’s used to determine the winner of the 3 I’d Martian (for employee of the year) Award. And this year, we should also add Impact to the list because the winner, Lauren Silverman, has made a significant difference within the strategy department after transferring from the Y&R New York office to ours in early 2017.

Since being here, she has helped elevate our strategy capabilities and expand the services we offer. One employee noted, “She is always looking for and identifying ways we can go above and beyond for our clients.”

And more than just helping with client needs, she also serves as a leader and a mentor for team members. One coworker commented, “I particularly enjoy working on projects closely with her because I see every meeting and work session as an opportunity to learn from her and grow in my own understanding and capabilities from a strategic standpoint.”

While we’re adding additional I’s to the list, we should also include Insight. Lauren does her homework and comes to the table with valuable observations and a deep understanding of the audience. Another colleague shared, “She makes others think about situations and creative challenges in new ways.”

Lauren has brought so much to the office, and we’re happy to recognize her contributions. It’s clear that winning the award had little to do with luck and a lot to do with strategy. Congrats, Lauren!

LS and Martian

Lauren Silverman, senior strategist, wins the coveted 3 I’d Martian Award.