And the Three I’d Martian Award Goes to…


Each year here at Y&R Austin, we select an employee to receive the Three I’d Martian award. “The Three I’d what?!” you ask. The three I’s are Inspiration, Innovation and Initiative. The Martian thing takes a little longer to explain, so just go with it for now.

Once all votes were in, there was a clear winner and as it was announced, loud cheers emanated from the crowd. Jennifer Wilson, our Managing Director, was selected for her courageous leadership during a year that was anything but easy. It was apparent based on the boisterous response that she’s greatly appreciated by everyone here. Quite possibly because when it comes to the three I’s, she over delivers on each one.

She’s always been an inspiration, and after taking the helm last year, she helped generate tons of momentum and led the agency in a clear direction. She continues to inspire people every day with her honesty, humor, positive attitude and work ethic.

When it comes to innovation, Jennifer is constantly pushing the agency to think differently and consider new opportunities. She isn’t afraid of change, but still looks at the big picture to think through possible impact.

And if there’s one thing she has more of than anyone else at the agency, it’s initiative. She’s been a go-getter as far back as anyone can remember. She creates a culture where people want to raise their hand and help the larger team. Managing us is like herding cats, but she makes it look easy.

Cheers to you, Jennifer! We’re proud to call you our fearless leader, or rather, our fearless Three I’d Martian.