Another Night at the ADDYs

Late nights? In advertising, they’re part of the gig. Unfortunately, so are missed Little League games, canceled dates and laptops on vacation. Why do we do it? Because the big idea doesn’t care what time it is, what you had planned or where you were supposed to be. It’ll arrive when it’s good and ready. And when it does, if it’s big enough, you just might win an ADDY … which you’ll celebrate … on yet another night without your family.

We’ve all been there, and if you work in advertising, chances are you’ve been there, too. Great work takes time, but that’s exactly why it’s worth celebrating.

When asked to develop the theme for the 2018 Austin ADDYs, we jumped at the opportunity and landed on this year’s theme, Another Night Without Your Family, all while spending yet another night without our families.

So tell your family you’ll be home late, again, and come join us at the 2018 American Advertising Awards on February 20. We hope they’ll understand.