Help Us Figure Out Our Newest Employee

We have another Assistant Media Manager you haven’t met yet, so let us introduce you to the one and only Darcy Child.

Now instead of the typical Q&A, we decided it would be more fun to play a game to learn about our newest intern turned employee. Below you’ll find a word search and 10 clues. Test your peepers and see what you can discover about Darcy.


Let’s start with some easy ones:

  2. CAT or DOG?

Now to some of Darcy’s favorites:

  1. Favorite hobby – She makes sure to stay focused at all times.
  2. Favorite artist – You won’t be Sorry when you find this one.
  3. Favorite form of media – Now we will for sure make you that banner.
  4. Favorite guilty pleasure food – Maybe why her dream dog’s name is Pupperoni

Lastly, some of Darcy’s deepest, darkest secrets:

  1. Her celebrity crush – It’s a good thing Darcy’s in Austin, where it feels like there are 500 Days of Summer.
  2. The store most dangerous for her credit card – We couldn’t think of a good clue, but this store does kinda rhyme with tempura, another one of Darcy’s favorite foods.
  3. The subject of her most embarrassing story – Not to be confused with her answer from #2.

DC Blog Pic 2