Let the Security War Games Begin

Damages due to cyber-crime are expected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021, according to a recent article in CSO. With the increasing number of data breaches each year — most recently that of Equifax affecting 143 million Americans — this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

We set out to show future customers how Rackspace could keep them out of the headlines. Rackspace is the #1 provider of IT as a service, in today’s multi-cloud world. Rackspace serves more than 150,000 customers from data centers on five continents. Additionally, the Rackspace managed security team is made up of some of the top security infrastructure and applications experts in the world. Unlike most managed security services providers who simply notify customers of a breach (without responding to the threat), the Rackspace team has a proactive approach — performing pre-approved actions to minimize the breach window.

To help educate companies on how to confront cyberattacks, we partnered with the Washington Post Brand Studio to create a Rackspace content program illustrating cyberattack scenarios. This interactive campaign let customers put their own knowledge to the test while showcasing Rackspace services in the age of growing cyberattacks.

The visual stories created immersed our target in situations commonly found in today’s cyberattack headlines. An interactive game tested their own cyber-security skills. Confronting zero-day attacks encouraged customers to think about how they currently protect their business by testing their knowledge as they count down to a cyberattack.

Not only did the campaign over-deliver on all KPIs by almost 200%, many readers such as Tom Cochran — the former digital leader of the White House State Department — shared the link.

Curious how you should respond to an impending cyberattack? Learn more and test your security skills by clicking on the image.