New Hire Chicken Meets Scott Youngblood

My name is Henrietta the Rubber Chicken, and I live on new hire desks until the next one.
Scott Youngblood is the first in the batch of new hires and Martians at Y&R Austin that I’m visiting. He’s our Copywriter of the flock. Let’s get this party started!

Spending some time with the guy, I’ve found out that a Copywriter has tons of interesting things to do. We started the day by cranking out a couple of scripts. I even got to try my wing at it and ended up catching a grammar error.


A must in the creative process for this wordsmith is a cup of coffee to fuel the ‘ol brain. With a wet whistle and some caffeine, he’s off to slay any projects. As for me, I’ll be wired for weeks on this stuff.


Brainstorming in a well-lit picturesque scene and making copies is a huge part of Scott’s day. He also has a knack for catching my good side.

IMG_9511 IMG_9517

Look, isn’t that a work of art? Copywriter and artist in the making. I need to talk to the big boss about framing this one.


Nothing like a leisurely game of table tennis to escape the worries of the day.


Definitely a day worth clucking about, and I have a sweet new selfie by the capitol to remember it by. Chicken out.