Putting the “Young” in Young & Rubicam

A dancer, an athlete, an artist, and a math whiz. No, it’s not a sequel to The Breakfast Club. It’s the latest batch of interns here at Y&R Austin. Get to know this tight-knit group (or should we say club) that’s already begun to make their mark on the industry.

Sarita Hodges
The Dancing Unicorn

Fun Fact: “My high school mascot is the unicorns, and I was on the dance team all through high school. So, I was a dancing unicorn.”

Sarita sits within earshot of the account service and creative teams and says it makes for a fun day at the office. Knowing how easily she transitioned into our weird little family, it’s clearly one of the best seats in the house. She’ll be graduating from UT in May with an advertising degree from the account management sequence, and we can’t wait to cheer her on.

Dillon Larberg
The Semi-Professional Athlete

Fun Fact: “I’m technically a semi-professional athlete (ultimate Frisbee lol).”

Dillon has been a big help this semester, and that’s an understatement. From tackling the office move to keeping the media team in shape with weekly status updates, he’s really going the distance. We could continue to make vague athletic references that have nothing to do with ultimate Frisbee, but take our word for it – Dillon is a pro. He looks forward to scoring his advertising (media sequence) degree in May from UT.

Danielle Drummond
Lo Studente D’arte

Fun Fact: “I studied art history in Rome, Italy.”

Danielle graduated from Texas State last May with a degree in communication design and has been a welcome addition to the creative team. She has a great eye for design and is learning a lot about agency process outside of her own department. One of the most rewarding experiences of our internship program is to see how much of an impact we have on such talented youth, and we couldn’t have picked a better canvas on which to paint!

Adam Lowell
The Impetuous Attendee

Fun Fact: “I have a bad habit of impulsively buying concert tickets.”

Adam is an accounting major at UT and our resident numbers guy. We don’t always get the opportunity to host an accounting intern, so it’s been a great learning experience all around. New to the agency world, he says he enjoyed learning how agencies run and how all of the different departments work together. We’ll enjoy getting first dibs on any surplus concert tickets.

The freshest faces at Y&R Austin. (From left to right: Danielle, Adam, Dillon and Sarita)